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As a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist and internationally recognized
specialist in human sexuality and sexual behavior, Dr. Anne Rothenberg
specializes in working with individuals, couples, children, teens and
families regarding Transsexual and Transgender issues and Gender
Identity Disorder. Dr. Rothenberg is a member of the World Professional
Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and follows the Standards of
Counseling and Therapy for Individuals with Transsexual,
Transgender and Gender Identity Issues
Common Questions in Counseling with Individuals with
Transsexual, Transgender and Gender Identity issues.
Do I dislike my gender?

Do I dislike my body?

Am I really a male?

Am I really a female?

Do my brain and my body match?

Am I confused?

Do I feel different?

Have I always felt this way?

How do I obtain hormones?

Do I pass?

How do I transition?

Do I want surgery?

How do I tell my spouse?

How do I tell my children?

How do I tell my parents?

What will this do to my family?

How do I discuss with my employer?

How do I deal with school?

Am I angry?

Am I sad?

Am I depressed?

Am I anxious?

Do I avoid people?

Do I fear rejection?

Do I feel very alone?

Do I keep secrets?

Can I live with this secret any longer?

Will anyone understand me?

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