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Pornography Addiction
Sex Addiction

Dr. Anne Rothenberg provides specialized and supportive individual
counseling,  marriage counseling and relationship therapy for couples
struggling with pornography addiction and sex addiction.

Does my husband/partner prefer porn to me?

Do I really know my partner?

If I didn’t know this about my spouse, what else don’t I know?

Does my partner lie to me?

Is my partner/spouse masturbating all the time?

Is my partner/spouse masturbating at work?

Does my partner/spouse know the difference between love and sex?

Does my partner ever make love?

Does my partner reject me sexually?

Does my partner prefer someone else?

Does my partner want someone younger?

How do I compare to the pornographic images my spouse watches?

Is my spouse watching gay porn?

Is my spouse gay?

Will my partner/spouse ever really change?

Do I trust my partner/spouse?

How can I trust again?

Am I anxious?

Am I worried about our future?

Do I think about this all the time?

Do I have racing thoughts?

How do I get my mind to slow down?

Does my partner understand me?

Is my partner cheating?

Does my partner see this as cheating?

Am I angry?

Am I hurt?

Am I in pain?

Am I Co-dependent?

Do I feel emotionally alone?

How will we survive as a couple?

Does my partner know how to show emotional intimacy?

Is my partner closed off emotionally?

Am I always sad?

Am I crying all the time?

Should I forgive my partner/spouse?

How can I forgive?

Has my image of my spouse changed forever?

How can we ever get past this?

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